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18 January 2017 19:00, Liszt Academy of Music - Solti Hall

1061 Budapest, Liszt Ferenc tér 8.

H. Marschner: The vampire


Malwina 1: Lilla Horti / Zsófia Nagy (soprano)
Malwina 2: Vivien Havár / Tímea Molnár (soprano)
Janthe: Judit Farkas / Vivien Havár (soprano)
Emmy: Diana Kiss / Luca Bojtos (soprano)
Aubry: Karina Szigeti / Zuzana Kohutova (soprano, originally tenor)
Ruthven: Attila Erdős (baritone)
Davenant: Bence Pataki (baritone)
Master: Földesi Milán (dance)
Choreographer: Dóra Barta
Scene: The Hungarian University of Fine Arts
Haj/Smink design: László Pásztor
Musical arrangement: Ákos Lustyik
Director: András Almási-Tóth
Head of department: Andrea Meláth
Budapest Strings
Conductor: Errico Fresis





Program is subject to change!

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Haydn Festival 2016


The Budapest Strings no small task given their heads 22 years ago, than to re-energize the musical life Fertőd, in the Esterházy Palace. The goal was a music festival is held, after which a new program every year, and musical delights waiting for the music-loving audience. 


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The Molnar-C. Paul's Studio as a concert venue  


This studio-museum in the building is equipped with Molnar-C Paul created over 50 years until 1931-1981. Three years after his death his daughter, Dr. Csillag Pálné Eva directed to the Ménesi steet house as a museum, where a permanent exhibition of the artist's paintings, everyday objects are on display. The villa is surrounded by green gardens to maintain an excellent venue for chamber concerts, so was born the idea that each year the Budapest Strings perform chamber concerts there, traditionally the International Haydn Festival's program which is selected based on adjusting the size of the venue. The chamber music concerts have the atmosphere of old times, when Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven's string quartets were presented also family and friends.





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